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Happiness… Is a Freshly Cleaned Space.

Are you looking for  good, old-fashioned cleaning for your Vacation Rental, commercial and residential properties? Want a cleaning team that won't shy away from using a lot of elbow grease?

Emergency Fogging Services Available

Central Okanagan’s Professional Cleaners are Here To Help You! 

  • Does the thought of returning to an unsanitary workplace each day bother you


  • Do you worry that your coworkers might not always sanitize properly at work?


  • Do you own rental properties that require trustworthy cleaning staff?
  • Are you looking for professional cleaners to clean your office, home or rental space to make it look spotless, smell great and be safe from cold and flu viruses?


From light fixtures and vents, to windows, tracks, tiles, carpets and appliances, shouldn't you have it cleaned and sanitized professionally?


Call a team that will ensure your vacation rental, office or commercial space is thoroughly disinfected so that everyone will feel safe everyday!




Hire a Meticulous Team

Understand that safety is a concern when hiring a service. Know that we are using precautions to guard against the spread of illness and viruses. Take comfort in the knowledge that the cleaning crew you hire  have systems and prosesses in place and have trained each employee to maintain the quality work you require.

cleaning girl

What We Do

Work in Vacation Rental,  Residential and Commercial Properties as well as Industrial Facilities.

Using phosphate-free, biodegradable cleaners as well as HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT, we provide all tools and machines needed to ensure the health and saftety of your employees, customers and community.

Working together with each of our clients to develop a thorough routine to ensure all disinfecting protocols are utilized in every reachable and touchable surface area.



Training Employees of Small Resorts/Retreats and Vacation Rental Properties!

KAP Cleaners Training Services Will Help!


Getting Complaints About Your Vacation Rentals Cleanliness Even Though You've Tried Everything to Make Your Employees Care ?

Do you need to find a way to make your employees understand how important clean guest accomodations should be?

Do you want to increase the cleanliness rating of your guest accomodations and stop worrying about continual complaints?



Train My Cleaning Staff

We work with Property Owners/Managers to Train Thier Staff to Do Better!


Vacation Rental Cleaning

Providing Peace of Mind by utilizing our professional teams to provide the most efficient and thorough Vacation Rental Cleaning Ever!

Companion Care Services

Offering peace of mind to families by bridging the gap between independence and Assisted Living; Providing services such as assistance with Meal Prep, General Household Duties, Grocery Shopping, Chaperone to Appointments, Socialization, Pet Care and So Much More

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